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Why A Shade Sail Is A Good Investment

With summer coming up fast you may have noticed shade sails popping up all around Queensland on both residential and commercial properties. Shade sails are fast becoming one of the most popular, effective and reliable shading solutions available for Queensland residents. They provide a number of key benefits including great shade coverage, UV protection and a cost-effective shading solution for domestic and commercial purposes. Shade sails truly are an excellent investment for the Queensland lifestyle. Brisbane Shade & Sails have been supplying and installing high-quality shade sails for over 16 years, seeing first hand the benefits of shade sails. In this article our team will be taking a look at why shade sails are such a great investment to make for your residential or commercial property.


Stay Protected From The Sun

The primary reason why shade sails are such a great investment is they keep you and your family protected from the harmful UV rays from the sun when enjoying the great outdoors. All Brisbane Shade & Sails fabrics are endorsed by the Cancer Council of Australia and can offer up to 98% UV protection, depending on your colour choice. That’s the kind of shading protection you need to safely enjoy your outdoor spaces. Keeping your family safe is priceless, which is why shade sails are such a great investment for any Brisbane property.


Cool Down Your Outdoor Space

Not only do shade sails help block harmful UV rays from the sun, but they can also significantly cool down your outdoor space so you can enjoy it even on those scorching hot summer days. Our shade sail fabrics are designed to block heat from the sun without trapping any hot air underneath the shade sail. This is a much welcomed bonus for residents of Queensland who are all too used to experiencing the hot days of the Australian summer. This not only enables you to enjoy your outdoor spaces all throughout the year, but it can also help lower air conditioning costs for your home. Click here if you would like to find out more about the fabrics used in our locally manufactured shade sails.


Shade Sails Can Add Value To Your Home

As shade sails are an incredibly popular and useful shading solution, they can add value to your home! Adding a shade sail not only makes your home more attractive to potential buyers, but it also increases the overall value of your home in the property market. This is another reason why shade sails are such a great investment to make for your property. You are making an actual investment in the future worth of your home.


Design Your Shade Sail With Brisbane Shade & Sails

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