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Shade sails suit the Qld lifestyle, look fantastic, and offer a cost-effective solution to ensure we all have adequate shade cover at home, your place of business, or our learning institutions. It is legislated that schools and childcare centres in Qld provide a certain percentage of available outdoor areas in the shade to create that barrier between you and the sun like an umbrella. All Brisbane Shade & Sails fabrics are endorsed by the Cancer Council of Australia and can offer up to 98% UV protection, dependent on colour choice.

Shade sails used for our shade solutions are available in different colours, shapes, or forms, providing there are adequate connection points to absorb the high, constant wind loads. Fixings are either steel posts, galvanised, which are then powder-coated. If a client chooses to engineer, the posts are then set into engineered concrete footings, starting at a minimum of 1200mm deep or other engineer-approved methods of connecting to suitable existing structures.

Good quality fabric for shade sails will have minimum stretch, which is required to ensure a tight fit and reduce sail sag, especially for large umbrellas. The best results will be achieved with highly tensioned sails, with plenty of height differentials that tend to take on a three-dimensional appearance.

While shade sails may look very similar when completed, a lot of companies will cut corners on their shade solutions to save themselves money. But at Brisbane Shade & Sails, the manufacturing processes we use, plus the addition of CAD programming, ensure we produce the best possible value for your money, whether you are getting shade sails, structures, or umbrellas from us.

We Only Use Brisbane’s Best Shade Sail Manufacturers for Our Outdoor Shade Designs

Some shade sailmakers still operate from home-based, garage-type businesses with no computer-aided programming and are still reliant on old-style sewing machines and sewing threads.

At Brisbane Shade & Sails, we utilise two of the best shade sail-making companies available for our designs. One business, located in Brisbane, has been around since 1948. They are originally tarpaulin makers. The other company, operating from the Gold Coast, has combined shade sail-making experience of over 50 years. Both companies know the uncompromising quality we demand for our shade sails and structures, and both produce it in spades. Our standard design for shade sails includes the following:

  • 316 Marine grade fittings to corners
  • 316 Grade stainless steel cables when a client opts for engineering
  • Sail gussets have triple reinforcing of fabric
  • Sail has reinforced webbing to cable entry and exit points to prevent cable tear
  • All stitching is done with PTFE Monofilament thread (UV stabilised)
  • Heavy-duty fabric guarantee

We will only ever supply or recommend the most reliable and proven shade sail fabrics in the industry for our shade solutions for your pool, school, or office, with exceptional UV ratings and warranties to match. Compare our corner samples when choosing your shade sail company; we provide the best shade solution in the industry, Australia-wide.

When it comes to providing shade solutions, another option, in addition to sails and umbrellas, is shade structures. And to keep it simple, we offer two standard types of shade structures, shown below. This shade solution is ideal and can be adapted to service many different types of areas or needs, whether it be a carport for the home or business, pool, schools, or shade structure as an umbrella for competitors at an archery range. These shade structures also come in different colours and are engineered and generally easy to install depending on site conditions.

Option 1: The Hip & Ridge Shade Structure

This design of shade structures has a steel frame with posts, rafters, and a ridge beam, which is constructed and then covered with either a shade or PVC tensioned canopy. These shade structures are commonly found in learning institutions, childcare facilities, a pool, and over play equipment in council parks where outdoor shade with plenty of height is a requirement. These structures also provide excellent cover from the sun for the boat or caravan.

Option 2: The Curved Roof Shade Structure

These shade structures are mainly used as an alternative design to a hard-roof carport. We can manufacture and design this structure as a single cantilever frame or a double cantilever frame. For a boutique carpark shade solution at your home or business, they are ideal. They can be manufactured to any reasonable size and can be covered with a shade fabric or waterproof vinyl canopy.

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As our products are recognised as market leaders in shade sail design and manufacture, talk to our design consultants and take a look at our sail fabric samples today. Fabrics come with a Warranty for UV breakdown or fabric faults, which can be up to 15 years. This warranty is based on the fabric manufacturing warranty.

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Extrablock™ HDPE mono-tape knit construction is a high-tensile shade cloth with a 12 year warranty. Flame retardant, high UV and dimensionally stable for when protection matters.

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