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Established in April 2005, Brisbane Shade & Sails began as a small shade sails family business that has evolved into one of the leading suppliers of residential and commercial shade sails, shade structures, and giant umbrellas, providing cover for a wide range of properties in South East Qld. Whether you are looking for a shade sail, a giant umbrella, or a shade structure, you can trust the team at Brisbane Shade & Sails to protect you from the sun’s heat and enhance your property’s aesthetics with different fabric colours.

3 Great Ways To Use A Shade Sail | Brisbane Shade & Sails

Why You Need Shade Sails And Structures from Brisbane Shade & Sails

There are many different reasons why you would want to get shade sails from us, including:

Shades provide sun protection in a pool, deck, or any outdoor area

Too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays may lead to sunburn, skin cancer, and even premature aging. Shade sails can provide much-needed protection, blocking up to 90% of those harmful UV rays.

Shades provide heat protection in a pool, deck, or any outdoor area

Do you have a pool, patio, or deck? If so, then you need shade sails. Patio, deck, and pool sails can help reduce the temperature in your outdoor recreation area. The shade cover can make you, your family, and your guests comfortable when enjoying the outdoors, even on hotter days.

The right cloth and colours of shade sails provide glare protection

With the right cloth type and colours, shade sails and structures also reduce glare effectively. It’s especially important for people who want to clearly see when driving, playing sports, or engaging in any activity like caravans in bright sunlight.

Patio, deck and pool sails increase the usability of outdoor spaces

If you own a restaurant, cafe, or any business with outdoor seating, you need our shade sails, too. By making your outdoor space cooler and a more comfortable area to relax or play, shade sails make it more usable.

A shade sail protects from the elements

Shade sails do not only protect you or your outdoor space from the sun. Shade sails also protect against rain, wind, and snow, helping extend the lifespan of any outdoor furniture and equipment.

A shade sail enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property

A shade sail’s cloth is available in different colours and designs. That is why shade sails are not only all about sun protection but also the addition of a touch of style to an outdoor space. Whatever existing decor you have, you can find shade sails from Brisbane Shade & Sails that complement your theme.

Providing The Best Shade Sail and Giant Umbrella for Sun Protection through Strong Partnerships

We also partner with Brisbane Giant Umbrellas to provide the best range of domestic and heavy-duty outdoor giant umbrellas in Australia for your pool, patio, deck, or even caravans. Protect yourself and your loved ones from the sun’s heat; visit Brisbane Giant Umbrellas today to browse Australia’s best giant umbrellas.

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As our products are recognised as market leaders in shade sail design and manufacture, talk to our design consultants and take a look at our sail fabric samples today. Fabrics come with a Warranty for UV breakdown or fabric faults, which can be up to 15 years. This warranty is based on the fabric manufacturing warranty.

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