Custom Shade Sails Brisbane

Why Custom Made Shade Sail is a Must-try

Shade sails make wonderful additions to any private or public property. But why be constrained to conventional shade sail designs when you can turn your desired shade sail into reality? Brisbane Shades & Sails can help. Let us know what you want to see in a custom shade sail, and leave it to our professional team to build the right shade sail for you.

What’s truly remarkable about custom shade sails is that you can express your creativity and tailor them to any design you envision. Add to it the fact that shade sails are available in many different colour options. We also use Comshade® shade cloth, among other fabrics, for our shade sails as per customer needs. It provides high tensile strength and tear resistance, allowing it to be stretched in any way depending on your need without risk of premature tearing. The shade sails can take any shape and measurements you desire while offering the same level of ultraviolet (UV) and rain protection.

Any property can enjoy a custom-made shade sail, be it commercial or residential spaces. These custom-made shade sails add valued aesthetics to the property, making it stand out to anyone within and outside the area. For instance, you can set up your outdoor dining space or playground under the safety of the quality shade cloth offered by Brisbane Shades & Sails for our custom-made shade sails.

Our Expertise in Building a Custom Shade Sail Based on Your Specific Need

With roughly 20 years of experience setting up shade sails in South East Queensland, Brisbane Shades & Sails is the ideal choice for customised shade sail designs. We design and construct our product options with a fully trained team, no subcontractors involved, using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art software and equipment in our factory.

Creating custom shade sails in Brisbane begins with an on-site inspection by our team. Besides looking at the area where the shade sail structure will be installed, the team also discusses the details with the property owner to make sure it’s a perfect fit. Every word in the consultation process is recorded and signed off, letting us know about the client’s specific need for the project.

Our expertise also applies to our choice of quality building materials for our shade sails. Apart from Comshade®, we also use Australian-made Monotec ® fabric and steel for the posts and anchors holding the shade sail fabric. Manufactured by a steelworks company in Brisbane and personally inspected for quality, this kind of steel will keep the structure of our shade sails stable amid the Australian climate.

Custom Design Shade Sails: A Good Investment

Custom shade sails are indeed an investment worth making, and they bring substantial value in return. By covering your outdoor area with a shade sail, you can enjoy the outdoors with friends and family without too much exposure to UV radiation. It’s also worth mentioning that shade sails with the perfect design, measurements, and colour are versatile enough that you can use them to protect your patio, deck, backyard, or swimming pool from the sun’s rays.

Additionally, the different designs available for shade sails add aesthetics to any property, which can lead to an increase in its resale value. Also, a shade sail structure is worth its price because it makes your property energy efficient by blocking the sun’s rays and heat. Finally, but definitely not least, it’s designed in the factory to require low maintenance. And when you already need the structure cleaned or repaired, we have a professional team that can help you do it in a way that prevents any damage to the fabric and overall structure of the shade sail.

Check out some of our shade sail projects below in different colour options and measurements.

Ready to turn your inspiration into reality? Contact us for an on-site inspection and consultation to get started on your shade sail today!

Ready to turn your inspiration into reality? Contact us for an on-site inspection and consultation to get started on your shade sail today!

Let's get the ball rolling

As our products are recognised as market leaders in shade sail design and manufacture, talk to our design consultants and take a look at our sail fabric samples today. Fabrics come with a Warranty for UV breakdown or fabric faults, which can be up to 15 years. This warranty is based on the fabric manufacturing warranty.