Quality Commercial Shade Sails

Looking for a cost-effective solution for your outdoor space? Brisbane Shade & Sails provides standard and custom-built commercial shade sails for playgrounds, parking lots, walkways, and any outdoor space for private or public use.

Our commercial shade sails are built to the highest standards, from the choice of materials to our installation techniques. For the shade fabric, we only use Comshade® heavy-duty knitted shade cloth, designed to withstand Australia’s blistering days and harsh weather. Its advantages over other materials include:

  • Excellent UVR protection: Comshade’s many colours are rated very to most effective in terms of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) protection, as per AS4174:2018. The shade cloth can block between 91% and 97% of UVR, depending on the colour.
  • Low flammability: Tests performed as per AS1530.2 and 1530.3 specifications confirm that Comshade has low flammability and minimal risk of spreading flames and emitting smoke when it burns.
  • Heat-set shade fabric: Heat setting improves the shade cloth’s ability to retain its shape under adverse conditions. This reduces the risk of curling and other forms of distortions during and after installation.
  • MIF-approved product: Comshade carries a seal of approval from the Melanoma International Foundation (MIF), a non-profit dedicated to understanding melanoma.

The steel frame and fittings holding the shade cloth are crafted from Australian-made steel. We source our steel from a single manufacturer based in Brisbane to ensure quality and consistency. As a sturdy steel frame is half of a shade sail system, it’s only logical that we don’t hold back on providing the best for the job.

Our team operates with the central belief that every design should be tailored to a commercial property’s needs. Hence, in some instances, we balance form and function with custom-made designs. With technology making your shade sails, you can expect top-notch results.

Commercial Shade Sail Experts in Brisbane

Brisbane Shade & Sails is one of the leading suppliers of residential and commercial shade sail systems in South East Queensland. With every shade sail you purchase from us, you’re getting:

  • Decades of experience designing and erecting shade sails
  • Workers fully trained in constructing shade sails – no subcontractors
  • Australian-made products personally inspected for quality
  • Twelve-year Comshade® limited UV warranty
  • The same level of satisfaction as our growing pool of commercial clients
  • Products endorsed by the Melanoma International Foundation

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Let's get the ball rolling

As our products are recognised as market leaders in shade sail design and manufacture, talk to our design consultants and take a look at our sail fabric samples today. We are able to offer an unmatched 10 year Fabric Warranty for UV breakdown or fabric faults, this warranty is offered exclusively to Brisbane Shade & Sails customers by Halifax Vogel (conditions apply).