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Keep Vehicles Protected With A Shade Sail

Our vehicles are often some of our most valuable possessions. Whether it be your daily commute car, a caravan or even a boat, it is important to keep them protected from the weather so they stay in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, the often harsh Queensland weather usually has something to say about this. Queensland vehicles are often under threat from hail, rain and the harmful UV rays from the Sun. All of these weather events can cause unfortunate damage to your vehicle. The good news is we may just have the perfect solution at Brisbane Shade & Sails. Our shade sail works perfectly to afford your vehicle with the protection it needs and deserves. The Brisbane Shade & Sails team are breaking down why you should choose a shade sail to protect your vehicle in this latest article on our site.


Maximum UV Protection

UV rays can certainly do a lot of damage to your car, which is why it is so crucial to keep your car as protected as possible. At Brisbane Shade & Sails, our shade sails offer up 98% UV protection! That is all the protection you will need to keep your vehicle protected from the sun. You can find out more about the UV protection level our shade sails provide over on our website here.



Although our shade sails at Brisbane Shade & Sails aren’t waterproof, they do offer an amount of water-resistant protection and greatly reduce exposure to hail. This can prevent your vehicle from experiencing the barrage of water it would from heavy rainfall without the protection of a shade sail. Keep your vehicle protected with a high-quality shade sail from the team at Brisbane Shade & Sails.


Superior Construction & Materials

There is no better shade sail on the market than what we offer at Brisbane Shade & Sails. Our shade sails are manufactured here in Australia with the highest quality materials. This enables us to provide high-quality shade sails built to withstand high, constant wind loads. You can rest assured that your shade sail will withstand the weather and keep your vehicle protected. Click here if you would like to find out more information about the types of quality materials used in our Australian-made shade sails.


Take The Next Step With Brisbane Shade & Sails

Are you ready to take the next step and enquire about your own shade sail? Get in contact with the friendly team at Brisbane Shade & Sails today. We are here to help you design and install the perfect shade sail to keep your vehicles protected. You can get in contact with the Brisbane Shade & Sails team today by calling us on (07) 3216 7699. Alternatively you can email us at in**@br****************.au, or click here to contact us through our online contact form on our website.

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