Shade Sail Maintenance

Shade Sail Wear and Tear

Aesthetic appeal, durability, and functionality – these words best describe shade sails for homes and commercial properties. However, time and constant exposure to the elements can catch up to them. Let Brisbane Shades & Sails help you prolong its lifespan through regular maintenance.

Dirt, water, and mould, among other things, can collect on pockets and depressions in the shade sail. If left unchecked, they can place undue stress on the fabric and induce premature wear and tear. Professional cleaning is the best solution to keep them vibrant and strong.

Brisbane Shades & Sails Shade Sail Cleaning Services for Your Shade Shail Cleaning and Repairs Needs

Apart from being one of the leading suppliers of shades in South East Queensland, Brisbane Shades Sails also offers cleaning services. Our years of expertise in designing and building these structures also translate to their maintenance. Here’s a look into how we perform cleaning and maintenance for you.

  • Inspection: Our team arrives on-site to assess the condition of the entire shade sail system, down to the small parts holding the shade cloth together. They have the experience and expertise to spot any issues regarding the product’s integrity and will take appropriate action when and where needed.
  • Cleaning: If the shade cloth shows dirt or mould and mildew growth, we take it down and clean it using professional cleaning products and equipment. The process requires familiarity with the materials and careful handling of the fabric to mitigate damage and maintain the shade cloth’s protective properties. Hence, we ensure that our cleaning services are up to industry standards.
  • Re-tension: The tension holding the cloth must be set with precision. Too much tension risks damaging the cloth. Meanwhile, too little of it risks excessive fluttering and sagging, which can be detrimental to the shade, especially under windy and rainy weather. Given these factors, we carefully inspect each corner of the shade sails and adjust the tension as necessary.
  • Re-stitching: Where the thread for the hems or the joints in the fabric need to be replaced, we also let the customer know if there is re-stitching required.
  • Replacement: If the components aren’t providing enough tension, we replace them with new items made with the same Australian-made steel. We advise getting the tension on the shade sail checked at least once a year to maintain its integrity.

Some tell-tale signs of wear and tear among shade sail systems include fading, sagging, scratches, and tears on the shade cloth. You may also notice weakness or damage in the posts and parts. These signs are relatively easy to spot, so don’t hesitate to take prompt action as needed.

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As our products are recognised as market leaders in shade sail design and manufacture, talk to our design consultants and take a look at our sail fabric samples today. Fabrics come with a Warranty for UV breakdown or fabric faults, which can be up to 15 years. This warranty is based on the fabric manufacturing warranty.