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How To Choose The Perfect Shade Solution

Are you looking for the perfect shading solution? With so many different types of shade providers to choose from, it can certainly be a daunting task to choose which will work best for you. Don’t worry, the expert team at Brisbane Shade & Sails is here to help! We have been assisting Queensland residents in finding their perfect shade solution for over 15 years. When you need results and experience, we are the team you can turn to. In our latest blog on the Brisbane Shade & Sails website, our professional team are breaking down the very best shade solution options and which one would be perfect for you. Let’s get started!


Giant Umbrellas

Giant umbrellas are suitable for both residential and commercial uses and work great on patios, beside backyard pools and in other similar commercial spaces. They feature an iconic style and design and all our styles of giant umbrellas are easily operated, making them perfect for family and customer use. Our giant umbrellas are manufactured here in Australia and are available in a more functional side post cantilever style or a traditional centre post design. Our umbrellas are available assembled for easy DIY or we can install them for you. If you would like to learn more about our commercial and residential giant umbrellas you can click here to see the different styles and features on our website.


Shade Structures

Shade structures work great as an alternative to a hard roof carport for your home or business. At Brisbane Shade & Sails, we can manufacture them as a single cantilever frame or a double cantilever frame, whatever works better for what you need. We can design them to best fit your shading needs as our shade structures can also be manufactures to any reasonable size. Plus, Shade structures from Brisbane Shade & Sails can be covered with a shade or waterproof vinyl canopy. If you have a carport or similar area requiring a shade solution, then a shade structure from Brisbane Shade & Sails may just be perfect for you. You can click here to find out more about our shade structures.


Shade Sails

Perfect for the Queensland lifestyle, shade sails offer a unique shading solution for Brisbane residents and businesses. Shade sails provide excellent shade coverage to homes, businesses and even learning institutions. Shade sails from Brisbane Shade & Sails are available in any shape or form and all ixings are either steel posts, galvanised then powder-coated and set into engineered concrete footings, starting at a minimum of 1200mm deep or other engineer-approved methods of connecting to suitable existing structures. Depending on what colour you choose, our shade sails are endorsed by the Cancer Council of Australia and can offer up to 98% UV protection! You can browse more information on our shade sails over on our website by clicking here.


Need A Shading? Contact Brisbane Shade & Sails

Would you like to learn more about one of these shading options and how they could work for you? Contact Brisbane Shade & Sails today. We supply all of the shading options discusses in this blog article, all of which are manufactured here in Australia! You can get in touch with the Brisbane Shade & Sails team by calling us on 07 3216 769 or click here to contact us through our website.