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3 Amazing Benefits of Getting A Shade Sail

A shade sail is one of the best shading options available to residents, businesses and learning institutions in Brisbane and across Queensland. Shade sails provide the ultimate protection against the harsh UV rays of the sun. Also, with so many different shade sail colour options available, your shade sail will look incredible on your property!

In this latest blog article on the Brisbane Shade & Sails website, our expert team will be taking a look at 3 of the amazing benefits and reasons why you should install a shade sail on your Brisbane property.


Sun & UV Protection

Shade sails provide excellent sun protection for your outdoor spaces. Our shade sails at Brisbane Shade & Sails provide up to 98% UV protection depending on the colour you choose. This is an excellent amount of sun and UV protection that will help to keep you, your family or your employees safe when using the outdoor spaces on your property. Our shade sails are also available in any shape or form providing there are adequate connection points to absorb the high, constant wind loads. For maximum shading protection, a shade sail from Brisbane Shade & Sails is the best choice for you!


Keep Your Outdoor Spaces Cool

Shade sails will not only protect your property, family or employees from the sun, but also will help to keep your outdoor spaces nice and cool. With up to 98% UV protection, your outdoor spaces will be noticeably cooler in temperature without the harsh rays of the sun beaming down. Click here to find out more about our shade sails and how they are constructed for maximum sun and heat protection. 


A Cost-Effective Shade Solutions

Looking for great value for money in a shading option for your Brisbane property? Shade sails are an incredibly cost effective shade solution when compared to other traditional shading options like roof extensions. Providing large areas of shading protection, there is no better cost effective shading option available than a shade sail from the team at Brisbane Shade & Sails.


Add Value To Your Home

Did you know that shade sails can add value to your home? That’s right, installing a shade sail on your Brisbane property makes your outdoor space cooler, more protected from the sun and usable all year round. This increases your home’s value by making it more attractive to potential buyers in the market. Installing a shade sail on your property is an investment for the enjoyment of your property now and it’s value if you decide to sell in the future.


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