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Get Summer Ready With Brisbane Shade & Sails!

Is your outdoor space ready for summer? Whether it is a giant umbrella for your pool, a shade sail to cover your caravan from the harsh summer sun or a shade structure to cover your outdoor playground, there’s no better time than right now to get your home, business or organization ready for summer with a quality shade solution from Brisbane Shade & Sails! Enjoy shorter wait periods with all of the quality service and products you have heard so much about. 

In this latest blog on the Brisbane Shade & Sails website, our experienced team is breaking down how you can get your home ready for summer!


Find Shading For Your Pool

All Australians love spending time in and around their pool in the summer, but is your outdoor pool ready for summer? It is important for you to have the right shading coverage for your outdoor pool, to help keep you and your family protected from the sun. Our giant umbrellas at Brisbane Shade & Sails are perfect for this, providing you with a large shaded space as well as easy operation. Our side post giant umbrellas are the best choice for shading pools as they are able to be positioned to hang over your pool and can be easily adjusted to give you the flexible shade solution you need. Manufactured locally here in Australia with only the best quality materials, our giant umbrellas are a great choice for adding shade to your backyard pool.

Click here to learn more about our giant umbrellas and to see some shots of the amazing giant umbrellas we have installed for our clients.


Get a Carport Shade

The Australian summer brings famously hot weather right to your doorstep. This summer heat and sun can cause damage to your property! Cars, caravans and trailers are frequent victims of the Australian sun, which is why it is so important to get ready for summer by installing the right shade protection. At Brisbane Shade & Sails we offer two different types of shading options that are perfect for this; shade structures and shade sails. 

Our Curved Roof Shade Structure is a great alternative to a hard roof carport and can be covered with a shade or waterproof vinyl canopy. This is a very popular choice for those looking to add shade to their home or business. You can see an example of our Curved Roof Shade Structures by clicking here

Our shade sails are very flexible in terms of design and installation. They are available in any shape or form providing there are adequate connection points to absorb the high, constant wind loads. The shade fabric also offers up to 98% UV protection! These features make our shade sails a great choice for a carport or vehicle shade.


Shade Your Outdoor Space

Have you got a large outdoor space you need to shade? There are three options that may be perfect for you; a shade sail, a giant umbrella or a shade structure. You can get all of these from the experienced shading team at Brisbane Shade & Sails. Here is a quick breakdown of each of these shade solutions and how they can benefit your outdoor space.

Giant umbrellas work great for patios, outdoor dining areas and backyard pools. Our giant umbrellas are made with quality materials and provide great shade and UV protection. See more about our giant umbrellas here.

Shade sails are perfect for large outdoor spaces like driveways, backyards and learning institutions. We can customise your shade sail to your sizing needs, plus you can also choose your shade sail colour from our extensive colour range. Learn more about our shade sails here.

Need plenty of height for your outdoor shading solution? Look no further than a Hip & Ridge Shade Structure from Brisbane Shade & Sails. These amazing shade providers are constructed with posts, rafters and a ridge beam and then covered with either a shade or PVC tensioned canopy. Find out more about our shade structures on the Brisbane Shade & Sails site by clicking here.


Have A Summer-Ready Project in Mind? 

Do you have a project in mind to get your outdoor space ready for summer? Give the friendly team at Brisbane Shade & Sails a call on (07) 3216 7699. You can also click here to fill out our online contact form. We are here to help get your home ready for summer!

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