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4 Reasons To Get A Giant Umbrella

A giant umbrella is one of the best investments you can make to improve your outdoor space. Not only do they help protect you and your family from the harsh Aussie sun, but they also look amazing when installed properly to help cover your outdoor pool space or patio. With a giant umbrella from Brisbane Shade & Sails you can sit back, relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

In our latest article, our team at Brisbane Shade & Sails will be breaking down four of the best reasons why you should get a Giant Umbrella for your outdoor space. Let’s get started!

Amazing Flexibility

A Giant Umbrella from Brisbane Shade & Sails comes with an amazing level of flexibility. Our domestic range of giant umbrellas are available as a centre post or side post umbrella. The side post umbrella is fully retractable with 360-degree rotation and multiple tilt positions, making it easily customisable to your shade needs at any time. A giant umbrella really is the perfect shade solution for your patio or pool.


Perfect For Any Aussie Season

Brisbane Shade & Sails’ Giant Umbrellas are perfect for all Aussie seasons in that they are able to keep you covered from the sun on those hot summer days and the rain on those cold cloudy ones! Our domestic range of giant umbrellas are manufactured from water resistant European awnings acrylic, providing superior quality to keep your giant umbrella functioning in rain or sunshine. Our commercial range of giant umbrellas are constructed from heavy wall structural aluminium and are available with Ferrari PVC or Acrylic Canvas canopy, making them robust enough to withstand wind speeds from 155KPH to 200KPH!


Colour Customisation

One of the most important steps to adding shade to your outdoor space is finding something that fits into the style and colour scheme of your property. With a Brisbane Shade & Sails giant umbrella you have a wide variety of colours to choose from to ensure your giant umbrella is the perfect shade for your outdoor space! You can customise the colour of both the frame and the canopy of the giant umbrella. This way you can create the perfect match of colours for your pool or patio space.


Easy Operation

No one wants to be fumbling about trying to position their giant umbrella to be just right. Our giant umbrellas are incredibly easy to use! Our domestic range is operated by a robust low geared winding mechanism with a removable tamper-free handle. This is designed to be as user friendly as possible, with two finger operation. That means a no hassle operation for your giant umbrella!


Want To Learn More?

Would you like to find out more about Brisbane Shade and Sails’ range of domestic and commercial giant umbrellas? We break down everything you need to know including more details, frame & canopy colour options and more over on our Giant Umbrellas web page. You can check it out by clicking here.


Ready For Your Own Giant Umbrella?

Are you ready to purchase your own giant umbrella for your Brisbane property? Brisbane Shade & Sails is here to help! We provide both domestic and commercial giant umbrellas in a wide range of canopy and frame colours so that you can find the perfect giant umbrella for your outdoor space. You can get in contact with our team today for an obligation-free quote by calling us on 1300 781 798. Alternatively, you can click here to contact our team through our website.