Why You Should Choose A Shade Sail For Your Driveway

Why You Should Choose A Shade Sail For Your Driveway

Driveways are an important feature of virtually any property in the sunny state of Queensland. They are also often home to a variety of vehicles like cars, trucks, vans, camper vans, boats and caravans. Unfortunately, this often leaves these vehicles at the mercy of the harsh sun, which can cause a whole range of damage to your driveway and your vehicles. Fortunately, there is a solution! Installing a shade sail is one of the most effective ways to protect your driveway and vehicles from the sun and to also keep your driveway nice and cool. Brisbane Shade & Sails are your local shade sail installation experts. We have installed many driveway shade sail solutions and are familiar with the many benefits this can bring to your property. Our team will be sharing some of these benefits in this article. Let’s get started!


Shade Sails Protect Your Vehicles

One of the primary reasons why so many Queenslanders are choosing to install shade sails over driveways is because of the level of protection shade sails offer to vehicles like cars, vans, caravans and boats. Shade sails help to keep these vehicles protected from sun damage and even other weather conditions like rain and light hail. Keep your vehicles protected with a shade sail from Brisbane Shade & Sails.


Shade Sails Keep Your Driveway Cool 

By installing a shade sail in your driveway you won’t only be protecting your vehicles and driveway, but also lowering the temperature of your driveway. By stopping up to 98% of UV rays our shade sails can drastically reduce the temperature of your driveway.


Shade Sails Offer Flexible Installation

Driveways can be tight and awkward spaces to install a shade solution. More often than not they require a flexible shading solution. This is where a shade sail comes in. Shade sails can be installed almost anywhere, providing there are sufficient points for installation. This means your shade sail can be customised to perfectly fit your driveway and provide the shade you need. Find out more about how we can install your shade sail on our website here.


Shade Sails Keep You Sun Safe

Perhaps the best benefit of shade sails is that they keep you sun safe while in the driveway. With up to 98% UV ray protection, there really is no better choice to stay protected from the sun when in your driveway than with a shade sail. If you find yourself spending lots of time in the driveway then you should consider installing a shade sail to keep you sun safe.


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