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The Best Benefits of A Shade Structure

Shade structures are one of the most popular shading options for residents and businesses all throughout Brisbane and the state of Queensland. With an impressive shading area, solid construction and strong shade sail fabrics available, there are many reasons why shade structures make the perfect shading solution.

The team at Brisbane Shade & Sails have been providing high quality shade structures to residents, businesses and schools since 2005. We are Queensland’s best shade structure supplier. In our latest blog on our website, we will be breaking down some of the best benefits of getting a shade structure for your Brisbane property.


Amazing Shade Coverage

Among the other great benefits of a shade structure, perhaps the most important is that shade structures provide an amazing amount of shade coverage. This is why shade structures are one of the most popular shading solutions chosen by Australians all over the country. Both styles we provide at Brisbane Shade & Sails, the Hip & Ridge Shade Structure and the Curved Roof Shade Structure, provide an outstanding amount of shade coverage that you are sure going to enjoy!


UV Protection

The shade sail fabrics used in shade structures are incredibly effective at reducing the effect of UV rays beamed down from the sun. UV rays are very harmful and aren’t something you want to be exposing yourself to on a consistent basis. With shade structures, you can shade your outdoor space and protect yourself from these harmful UV rays! Find out more about the quality of our shade fabrics on our website by clicking here.


Perfect For Many Different Uses

Shade structures can be customised and designed to your exact shading needs. This makes them perfect for a wide range of different shading purposes. At Brisbane Shade & Sails we provide two different styles of shade structures; the Hip & Ridge Shade Structure and the Curved Roof Shade Structure. The Hip & Ridge Shade Structure is a great choice if you are looking to cover large outdoor spaces like playgrounds, boat covers or caravan covers. The Curved Roof Shade Structure makes for a great carport cover for a residential or commercial property.

As you can see, there are so many different shading uses for shade structures. Click here to see a few different examples on the Brisbane Shade & Sails website.


Keeps Outdoor Spaces Nice and Cool

Shade structures don’t just provide amazing shade coverage and protect you from harmful UV rays. They also help to significantly cool down your outdoor spaces. Whether you are looking for shading for your residential property, for your Queensland business or for your learning institution, keeping outdoor spaces cool all year round is a great benefit! 


Get A Shade Structure from Brisbane Shade & Sails!

Are you ready to get started on designing the perfect shade structure for you? The team at Brisbane Shade & Sails are here to help you do it! Talk to our design consultants and take a look at our sail fabric samples. Our team help you to create the best shade structure for your shading needs. You can get in contact with us today by calling 1300 781 798 or clicking here to contact us through our website.