Our Quality Shade Sail Materials

Our Quality Shade Sail Materials

One of the key reasons why our shade sails are the best in Queensland is because of the high quality materials used when manufacturing them. Some shade sail suppliers utilise sailmakers that out of home-based garage type operations that lack quality control and are too reliant on old sewing machines and sewing threads. More than often this leads to poor craftsmanship with inferior materials. At Brisbane Shade & Sails, we only use Brisbane’s best shade sail manufacturers, helping us to deliver shade sails that are consistent in quality and durability. In this article we will be sharing some more information on the high-quality materials that go into our popular shade sails.


More About Our Shade Sail Manufacturers

We at Brisbane Shade & Sails are committed to delivering high-quality shading solutions that are specifically designed to thrive in the Australian environment. Fortunately, we are partnered with shade sail manufacturers that can create shade sails that deliver on these commitments, all whilst manufacturing the shade sails locally here in Australia. One of our manufacturers is based in Brisbane and has been operating since 1948. The other is based in the Gold Coast and has a combined shade sail making experience of more than 50 years!

By partnering with these two experienced shade sail manufacturers we are able to deliver high-quality, durable and affordable shade sails to our incredible customers.


The Quality Materials In Our Shade Sails

In order to deliver the quality we demand in our shade sails, it is crucial to use the best and most effective materials in their manufacturing. Our standard shade sails include the following:

  • 316 Marine grade Pro-Rig fittings to corners
  • 316 Grade stainless steel cables sized by our engineer
  • Sail gussets have triple reinforcing of fabric
  • Sail have reinforced webbing to cable entry and exit points to prevent cable tear
  • All stitching is done with Tenara PTFE Monofilament thread (UV stabilised)
  • The best fabric warranty in the Industry

These high-quality ingredients help create the high-quality shade sails we are able to install for our clients all across south east Queensland. Click here to find out more information on the materials that go into our shade sails at Brisbane Shade & Sails.


Contact The Shade Sail Experts at Brisbane Shade & Sails

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