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The Brisbane Shade & Sails team recently completed another successful project at Brisbane Christian College, one of Brisbane’s premier learning institutions. In this blog article our team will be taking you through this project by breaking down the initial problem and how we helped solve it for Brisbane Christian College.


Why Brisbane Christian College Called Us 

Brisbane Christian College had an existing shade structure installed which had unfortunately become damaged during stormy weather. This is an incredibly important shade cover for the college. The shade structure features a large canopy and is designed with an “L” shape in order to provide adequate shade coverage to the seating area of the student sport courts. This allowed Brisbane Christian College students to enjoy the area without being exposed to excessive heat or harmful UV rays from the sun.


Needing the shade structure fixed as soon as possible, Brisbane Christian College contacted the number 1 local shading experts, Brisbane Shade & Sails!


How The Brisbane Shade & Sails Team Helped

The Brisbane Shade & Sails team worked quickly to solve the problem. We fixed the damaged shade structure canopy to get the shade structure back in working condition in no time, enabling the students at Brisbane Christian College to get back to enjoying their outdoor sport facilities under the sun protection they need. 


In doing this we used Monotec, a 100% Australian made commercial grade shade fabric used in shade sails and shade structures. There are a number of reasons why Monotec was the perfect fit for the damaged shade structure at Brisbane Christian College. Firstly, Monotec is durable and made using only 100% round monofilament HDPE yarns. This provides industry leading strength and is incredibly resistant to high wind conditions. Secondly, Monotec holds up to harsh UV exposure  for over 15 years, evidenced by the manufacturer’s 15 year warranty. This helps to provide maximum UV protection for the students for years to come.


Want to see the finished result? Check out the image below!

Brisbane Christian College

Need A Quality Shade Solution? 

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