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Our 2 Types of Shade Structures

Shade structures are excellent choices for a wide range of shading applications. Whether you are looking to shade an outdoor playground or even a carpark, a shade structure may be exactly what you are looking for! Brisbane Shade & Sails is the leading provider of high-quality shade structures in South East Queensland. We specialise in helping you to create the perfect shade structure for your outdoor space. In this article we will be taking a clover look at our 2 types of shade structures and sharing the differences and benefits of each.


Hip & Ridge Shade Structures

Hip and ridge shade structures are a very popular shade product primarily due to their suitability for outdoor spaces like learning institutions, childcare facilities and outdoor playgrounds. They feature a steel frame with posts, rafters and a ridge beam. It is topped with a shade or a PVC tensioned canopy, the choice is yours! Our hip and ridge shade structures provide an impressive area of shading coverage and keep you protected from UV rays as well as excessive exposure to the sun.

Click here if you would like to find out more about hip and ridge shade structures on our website. You can also check out examples of hip and ridge shade structures that we have installed for our amazing customers.


Curved Roof Shade Structures

Curved roof shade structures feature a unique curved design that functions very well as an alternative to a hard roof carport. At Brisbane Shade & Sails, our curved roof shade structures can be manufactured as a single cantilever frame or a double cantilever frame. Whether you are shading an at-home carpark or a carpark for your business, the curved roof shade structure is an excellent choice. They can be coerced with either a shade or a vinyl waterproof canopy, which will keep your vehicles protected from not only the sun, but also other weather events such as rain and hail.

Would you like to find out more about curved roof shade structures and take a look at some of the shade structures we have installed across South East Queensland? You can find everything you are looking for on the Brisbane Shade & Sails website here.


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