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Key Features Of Our Outdoor Giant Umbrellas

Of all the different types of shading solutions available in Queensland it is hard to find an option growing faster in popularity than the outdoor giant umbrella. All across the state of Queensland and even the country, residents and businesses are opting to install outdoor giant umbrellas to shade their friends, family, employees and customers. As Queensland’s best supplier of outdoor giant umbrellas, we have seen first hand why they make such a great shading option and perfectly fit in with the Queensland lifestyle. Are you thinking of installing a giant umbrella on your property? In this article we are breaking down some of the key features you should know about our outdoor giant umbrellas.


  • They Are Incredibly Easy To Use

Our centre post and side post giant umbrellas are designed to be adjusted so you can find the perfect shading angle for your outdoor space. That’s why our giant umbrellas are manufactured with ease-of-use in mind. Operated by a robust low geared winding mechanism with a removable tamper free handle, our giant umbrellas feature a simple two finger operation. With this level of simplicity, you will find our giant umbrellas incredibly easy to operate.


  • Our Giant Umbrellas Can Be DIY Installed

Although we do offer installation services to our customers in the Brisbane area, our outdoor giat umbrellas are incredibly easy to install. So much so in fact, that you can even do it yourself! That’s right, we offer DIY installation with our giant umbrellas. If you choose this option you will be provided with detailed instructions on how to install your new outdoor giant umbrella.


  • We Offer Octagonal and Square Canopies

Whether you are choosing a residential or commercial outdoor giant umbrella, we offer them in two canopy shapes; octagonal and square. This provides you with the ability to choose what shape better fits your space and style.


  • Our Giant Umbrellas Are Made With Quality & Care

At Brisbane Shade & Sails, our giant umbrellas are manufactured in Australia with the highest quality materials and care. This ensures our giant umbrellas are made to handle the often harsh environmental conditions of Australia.


  • Giant Umbrellas Offer Ultimate Shading Protection

The most important feature of all is the level of shading protection that our giant umbrellas offer. It probably won’t surprise you to hear that our giant umbrellas offer an incredible level of shading protection. With our outdoor giant umbrellas you can stay protected from the sun and its harmful UV rays.


Choose Brisbane Shade & Sails For Your Giant Umbrella

There is no better choice for your giant umbrella than the team at Brisbane Shade & Sails. We have over 15 years of experience in providing high-quality giant umbrellas to our clients and we can’t wait to do the same for you. Click here to get in touch with the Brisbane Shade & Sails team today.

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