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How To Choose A Shade Sail

Shade sails are one of the most popular and effective forms of shading available to residents, businesses and organisations all across South East Queensland and Australia. There are a number of reasons for this. Shade sails are affordable, they provide outstanding shade coverage,UV protection and they can also be customised to add shading to virtually any outdoor space. If you are thinking about installing a shade sail you may be wondering about what steps you need to take and what choices you may need to consider. The shade sail experts at Brisbane Shade & Sails will be taking you through everything you need to know in this guide.


Choose Your Shade Sail Provider

This is the most important decision you will make when you start the process of installing a shade sail as it will determine the quality of shade sail you receive and the support you are provided along the way. There is no better choice than Brisbane Shade & Sails. Not only do we provide unrivalled levels of customer support, with our shade sails manufactured locally here in Australia. This enables us to provide the high-quality, durable and visually stunning shade sails you are looking for.


Have Your Space Assessed

At Brisbane Shade & Sails our shade sails are made to order, allowing us to ensure your shade sails are made perfectly to the dimensions and requirement of your outdoor space. Before we get started making your shade sail, we will need to assess the dimensions of your space to ensure we have all the measurements we need to manufacture the perfect shade sail for you.


Decide on Your Shade Sail Colour

Shade sails feature an iconic design and can really add visual and monetary value to your property. We offer a range of different shade sail fabric colours to choose from, including midnight, forest green, mint repent, navy blue, charcoal. Silver, sunblaze, latte, beige, cream, carnival red, true blue, yellow, lime and purple. With this range of colours to choose from, we are confident you will find the perfect choice for your property.


Ready To Get Started? Contact Brisbane Shade & Sails

The Brisbane Shade & Sails team are here to help you throughout the entire shade sail process, from design all the way through to installation. By choosing us you will rest easy knowing that your shade sail is in the hands of your local shade sail experts. Would you like to get started exploring your shade sail options? Get in touch with the Brisbane Shade & Sails team today to get started. Call 1300 781 798 or click here if you would like to get in touch with us through our website. 


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