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FAQs About Our Domestic Giant Umbrellas

Our domestic giant umbrellas are one of our most popular shading options at Brisbane Shade & Sails. With extensive shade coverage, flexibility for positioning and high-quality materials, it certainly isn’t hard to see why! Are you considering opting for a domestic giant umbrella for your outdoor space? Whether it is a patio, backyard pool or outdoor dining space, you are making a great choice. However, you may still have some unanswered questions on your mind about our domestic outdoor giant umbrellas. In this blog the Brisbane Shade & Sails team will aim to answer some of our frequently asked questions about our domestic giant umbrellas.


Where Are Our Domestic Giant Umbrellas Manufactured?

This is a question our team is always proud to answer. Why? Our domestic giant umbrellas are manufactured locally, here in Australia! By choosing a domestic giant umbrella from Brisbane Shade & Sails you won’t just be receiving a high-quality giant umbrella, you will also be supporting Australian manufacturing.


What Canopy Shapes Are Available?

Our domestic outdoor giant umbrellas are available in either a square canopy or an octagonal canopy. Both are better suited for different uses and preferences, so be sure to consider which will suit your outdoor space better. You can always get in touch with the experts at Brisbane Shade & Sails if you need any assistance with picking the right canopy shape for your needs.


Are There Different Heights Available?

Absolutely! Our domestic giant umbrellas are available in a range of different height options so you can choose the perfect fit for your outdoor space. Our octagonal canopy domestic giant umbrellas are available in 2.5m; 3.0m, 3.6m; 4.0m; 4.5; 5.0m, whereas our square canopy giant umbrellas are available in 2.5m; 3.0m; 3.2m; 3.6m. See more information on our available size options on our website here.


What Colour Options Are Available?

We understand the importance of customising your domestic giant umbrella to best fit your existing outdoor space. That’s why we offer a range of canopy and frame colour options for you to choose from. Click here to browse all of the available colour options for our domestic outdoor giant umbrellas on our website.


How Is The Giant Umbrella

For local Queensland orders we offer two options for installation. You can choose to install the giant umbrella yourself or our team can come to your property to install it for you. For interstate orders we offer our DIY installation option. Our giant umbrellas are easy to install so you will have no trouble installing them in your property.


Contact Our Team To Get Started

The Brisbane Shade & Sails team is here to help you create the perfect giant umbrella for your space. All of our giant umbrellas are made to order, enabling us to provide the best quality giant umbrella for you. Call our friendly team today on 1300 781 798 or (07) 3216 7699 to get started.


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