Creating the Perfect Giant Umbrella With Brisbane Shade & Sails

At Brisbane Shade & Sails we make it simple to create your perfect outdoor giant umbrella. Our team has years of experience in helping our clients build the right giant umbrella for their outdoor space. You can work with our design team to choose your canopy shape, frame height, canopy colour, post option and frame colour, the ultimate customised shade solution. In this new article our team will be sharing how you can create the perfect outdoor giant umbrella for your needs with Brisbane Shade & Sails.


Full Canopy Customisation

The canopy is the most iconic feature of our outdoor giant umbrellas and at Brisbane Shade & Sails we offer complete customisation. You can choose the shape of your canopy between our square and octagonal options. Our clients can also choose what colour they would like for their canopy, allowing you to choose an option that suits your outdoor space. Want to see the available colour options for your canopy? Click here to check them out on our website.


Choose Your Frame Height

Each outdoor space is different, so we offer a range of different sizes for our octagonal and square canopy giant umbrellas. Be sure to measure up your space to see which option best fits your outdoor space. Click here to browse the range of sizes available for our octagonal and square canopy giant umbrellas.


Customise Your Frame Colour

Our customisation options don’t stop at the canopy and size, you can also choose the frame colour for your outdoor giant umbrella. We have a range of different colour options available for you to choose from. Click here if you would like to browse the range of frame colour options available.


Choose Your Post Option

This is one of the most important parts of the customisation process. At Brisbane Shade & Sails you can choose between a side post option and a centre post option for your residential giant umbrella. Each option provides its own benefit, with side post giant umbrellas working great for backyard pools and centre post giant umbrellas working best for outdoor dining spaces. Contact our team if you would like help deciding what option is best for you.


Start Designing Your Giant Umbrella Today!

Are you ready to start designing your own giant umbrella? The Brisbane Shade & Sails team is here to help! We have over 15 years of experience in helping our customers design the perfect outdoor giant umbrella for their needs. Whether you need to shade a backyard pool, patio or outdoor dining space, we have the best options for you. Contact our team today by calling 1300 781 798 or click here if you would like to get in touch with us through our website. Have some questions about our giant umbrellas? Check out our frequently asked questions here.

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