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3 Things You Might Not Know About Our Giant Umbrellas

Brisbane Shade & Sails is the leading outdoor giant umbrellas supplier and installer in Brisbane. We have installed over 1000 of our Australian made giant umbrellas for residents all across Brisbane over the last 15 years. Our giant umbrellas are defined by their quality across the entire process, from manufacturing to installation and finally in your outdoor space.


Many residents across Brisbane are familiar with what makes our giant umbrellas so great, however there are a few things that you might not know about them. That’s why we are breaking down 3 things you might not know about our giant umbrellas in this latest entry on the Brisbane Shade & Sails blog. 


Available Assembled For Easy DIY or We Can Install

Unlike other giant umbrella providers in Queensland, at Brisbane Shade & Sails our domestic giant umbrellas are available assembled for DIY installation or if you are located locally we can install it for you. If you decide to proceed with the DIY installation option the Brisbane Shade & Sails team will provide you with full instructions on how you can easily install your new outdoor giant umbrella. Installations can either be a bolt to concrete or to a concrete footing depending on the circumstances.


They Are Water Resistant

Our outdoor giant umbrellas don’t just protect you from the sun. At Brisbane Shade & Sails our domestic range of outdoor giant umbrellas are available in either a water resistant European PVC canopy or 100% acrylic canvas. This is one of the reasons why our giant umbrellas are perfect for shading your outdoor patio or pool. Click here to view our Giant Umbrellas page on our website, where you can find examples of both types of canopies available for your domestic giant umbrella.


Family Friendly Design

At Brisbane Shade & Sails, our outdoor giant umbrellas are designed to be family friendly. The umbrellas are operated by a robust low geared winding mechanism with removable tamper free handle, designed to be user friendly with two finger operation. That makes it easy for you and your family to operate your giant umbrella. Find out more about this on our site by clicking here.


Get A Quality Giant Umbrella. Call Brisbane Shade & Sails

These 3 reasons are just a few of the many reasons why you should choose to install a high quality outdoor giant umbrella from Brisbane Shade & Sails on your property. Whether you are looking to shade your pool, patio or outdoor dining area, there’s no better choice than a giant umbrella from Brisbane’s best giant umbrella provider. Plus, there’s never been a better time to secure yours! With summer right around the corner, you can jump in early before the queue and get your giant umbrella installed ready for summer. Call us today on 1300 781 798 or click here to fill out our online contact form. 

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