Shade Sails | 3 Signs You Need A Shade Sail

3 Signs You Need A Shade Sail

Shade sails have long been one of the most popular forms of shading available to homes, businesses, and schools all across Australia. This is largely due to the high level of customisation and UV protection that they provide. With so many different shading options available, it can be tough to decide if a shade sail is right for you. Don’t worry, the Brisbane Shade & Sails team is here to help. Let’s take a look at 3 signs that show you need a shade sail.


You Have A Backyard Pool

Who doesn’t love spending time in a backyard pool, especially during the summer months. If you have a backyard pool then a shade sail is perfect for you. A shade sail can keep your pool cool during the warmer months. Plus, shade sails block up to 98% of UV rays, keeping you and your family safe from the sun when enjoying your backyard pool. Shade sails can be customized to fit virtually any space, which makes them a great choice for your pool. Contact the Brisbane Shade & Sails team today to explore the best shade sail options for your backyard pool.


You Want To Keep Your Vehicle Protected

Sun damage is an all too common sight for cars, vans, motorbikes, and caravans all across Australia. Did you know that a shade sail can keep your vehicles protected? With up to 98% UV ray protection, our shade sails can keep your vehicles protected from the sun and even rain. This prevents excessive weather damage to your vehicles, something every Queenslander would like to avoid. Visit our site to check out some examples of shade sails we have installed to protect vehicles all across South East Queensland.


You Have An Outdoor Dining Space

Entertaining guests and enjoying meals in the outdoors is a great way to spend time in the summer months. However, this can get uncomfortable when the temperature begins to rise a little too high. Sitting under the blaring sun can also cause you to become exposed to excess UV rays. By installing a shade sail over your outdoor dining space you can protect yourself from excessive UV exposure and reduce the temperature, enabling you to enjoy it all throughout the year. Click here to check out some of the shade sails we have installed for our clients’ outdoor dining spaces throughout South East Queensland.


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