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3 Shade Sail Benefits For Your Pool

Shade sails are among the most popular shading solutions for backyard pools. Not only do they provide a high-level of sun protection (our shade sails offer up to 98% UV ray protection), but they can also protect your pool from excessive sun exposure as well as debris like grass, twigs and leaves. There truly are so many great benefits that shade sails provide for backyard pools. Here are three of the best that you should know if you are considering a shade sail for your backyard pool.


Protect You From The Sun

There is no denying that this is the primary benefit anyone considers when installing a shade sail for their backyard pool. Shade sails are among the most effective sun protection products available, helping to keep you, your family and your friends protected from the UV rays emitted from the sun. We understand the importance of this at Brisbane Shade & Sails. That’s why we use high-quality materials in the manufacturing of our shade sails, allowing us to provide shade sails that offer up to 98% UV protection. In fact, our high-quality shade sails are even endorsed by the Cancer Council of Australia. With a shade sail from Brisbane Shade & Sails you can be rest assured that you are getting the UV protection you need to safely enjoy your backyard pool.


Reduce Your Pool Maintenance Costs

Protecting your pool from the sun with a shade sail from Brisbane Shade & Sails can actually help you to reduce your pool maintenance costs. Did you know that exposing your pool to the sun can reduce up to 90% of the chlorine in your pool? The combination of the heat and light directly affects chlorine breakdown. Shade sails also protect your pool and surrounding furniture from excessive sun exposure-related damage. That’s right, installing a shade sail won’t just protect you and your family from the sun, but also your outdoor space and pool maintenance.


Keep Your Pool Clean

On windy days, lots of debris can be thrown about in the air. If you have a backyard pool you know all too well how often this debris can end up in your pool. Whether it is grass, leaves, sticks or other objects, a shade sail can help prevent much of this debris from falling into your pool. This saves you from having to clean your pool every time the wind picks up, leaving you with a cleaner pool all throughout the year.


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