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3 Great Benefits of Curved Roof Shade Structures

Curved roof shade structures are an incredibly popular form of shade solution and also one of the two types of shade structures we offer here at Brisbane Shade & Sails. These amazing shade structures offer a lot of benefits to residents and businesses alike across south east Queensland. Are you thinking of installing a curved roof shade structure on your property? Check out these 3 great benefits of curved roof shade structures that we break down in this new blog entry on the Brisbane Shade & Sails website.


Perfect For Shading Outdoor Car Parks

The unique design and shape of the curved roof shade structure makes it ideal for shading outdoor parking spaces. In fact, curved roof shade structures are a very popular alternative to hard roof carports. If you are looking for an alternative to a hard roof carport or for a quality shade solution for your residential or commercial outdoor parking space, a curved roof shade structure may be the best choice for you! Click here to see an example of a curved roof shade structure we installed in an outdoor car park.


Weather Protection For Your Vehicles

Curved roof shade structures not only provide shade protection for your vehicles, but they can also provide other forms of weather protection as well! At Brisbane Shade & Sails, our curved roof shade structures are available in either a shade or waterproof vinyl canopy. The waterproof vinyl canopy helps to protect your car from rain and small hail storms, which will certainly give you peace of mind during storm season. Whether you are installing a curved roof shade structure in a residential or a commercial outdoor space, you will enjoy the level of weather protection it provides for your vehicles.


Flexible Size Options

At Brisbane Shade & Sails we understand that no two outdoor spaces are alike. This is why we focus on providing flexible shade solutions to our amazing customers. Our curved roof shade structures are no different. They are available as a single cantilever frame or a double cantilever frame and can be manufactured to any reasonable size. Find out more on our website here.


Contact Brisbane Shade & Sails to Get Started!

When you are ready to get started creating your own curved roof shade structure, there is no better team to trust than the friendly staff at Brisbane Shade & Sails. We have years of experience in providing high quality shade solutions to residents across south east Queensland and we can’t wait to do the same for you. Our high-quality curved roof shade structures are the ultimate choice. Call our team today on 1300 781 798 or (07) 3216 7699. You can also click here to contact us through our website or email as us in**@br****************.au.

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