3 Benefits Of A Heavy Duty Giant Umbrella

3 Benefits Of A Heavy Duty Giant Umbrella

Giant umbrellas are a great choice for a number of different outdoor spaces. Whether you are looking to shade a backyard pool or even a patio, a giant umbrella is one of the best shading options. There are many different types of giant umbrellas, with one of the most popular being heavy duty giant umbrellas. In this latest blog from Brisbane Giant Umbrellas, we will be looking at 3 of the key benefits of heavy duty giant umbrellas.


High Wind Ratings

One of the primary points of difference for heavy duty giant umbrellas when compared to other styles of outdoor giant umbrellas is their high wind rating. Heavy duty giant umbrellas are designed with a centre post, which helps to reinforce their strength and durability. This ensures that heavy duty giant umbrellas can withstand higher wind speeds. If you are looking for a strong and durable shade solution for your outdoor space, a heavy duty giant umbrella may be the best option for you.


Impressive UV Protection

Heavy duty outdoor giant umbrellas are incredibly effective at blocking out UV rays and keeping you protected from the sun while enjoying your outdoor space. Whether you enjoy relaxing poolside or on your patio, a heavy duty giant umbrella will help to keep you protected from the sun and its harmful UV rays all throughout the year.


Stylish Design

Heavy duty giant umbrellas aren’t only popular due to their durability and impressive UV protection. They are also a very stylish option to choose for your shading needs. Our friends at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas supply heavy duty giant umbrellas in a range of canopy shapes, canopy colours and frame colours. You can choose between an octagonal and square shape for your giant umbrella, as well as a wide range of colour options for the giant umbrella frame and canopy. Due to their stylish design, giant umbrellas can add to the aesthetic of your outdoor space and even increase the value of your home.


Get Started Today

Would you like to get started on designing your very own giant umbrella? The best place to start is with our friends at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas, the leading supplier of outdoor giant umbrellas in South East Queensland. They provide heavy duty giant umbrellas and domestic giant umbrellas that are sure to fit any of your shading needs. Plus, if you get in quick you will be able to beat the summer rush and get your new giant umbrella installed just in time to enjoy throughout summer. You can even use their website to design your umbrella live on the site, so you can try out all of the different colour combinations. Click here to visit their website and get started.


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