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Plantation Shutters Brisbane

Our latest range of Plantation Shutters are being used in the most innovative & elegant ways in Brisbane Homes and Inner City Luxury Brisbane Apartments.

Come to our brand new Brisbane Showroom and view our complete range of Plantation Shutters, in all the different fixing options we have available. We have the standard range of imported Polymer Shutters everyone supplies but we also have just sourced a Brand New Brisbane Innovation, Internal Plantation Shutters available as Bi Folds, Hinged or Sliding made from quality aluminium and finished with high gloss powder coat, built right here in Brisbane designed to outlast conventional Plantation Shutters by Years.

The best part is the fact that they are an improved copy of a very popular American idea, and now with a manufacturing facility in Brisbane lead times can expect to be cut in half so projects should now be finished in four weeks as opposed to eight weeks for Polymer Plantation Shutters which are all outsourced to China. They also provide outstanding quality though you must wait eight weeks for your products. Brisbane Shade & Sails hold a QBCC Builders Licence and every single installation of our Plantation Shutters is done by our very own “Old Fashioned” trade qualified Cabinetmaker with an eye for detail, a professional craftsman who will look after every aspect of your installation to bring you a millimetre precise finished product you will be truly proud of. He is the best in Brisbane and can complete those difficult Plantation Shutter installs the others won’t do or cannot do. If you want the real deal on Plantation Shutters in Brisbane invite us into your home for a quote, place your order, pop into our Brisbane Showroom and when you are truly happy with everything, let Mark, our cabinet maker, take complete charge for a drama free installation.

Indoor & Outdoor Shutters Brisbane

Add value and elegance to your home with our fusion plus planation shutters, manufactured and engineered to the highest of standards, incorporating a waterproof reinforced polymer extrusion. Save money on your energy bills, fusion plus outdoor & indoor shutters insulate 70% more than timber plantation shutters, keeping the heat out in summer and heat in for winter.

Features and benefits

  • 20 year manufacturers warranty
  • Can be made in special shapes, triangles etc
  • Hinged fixed or bi-fold sliding available
  • Strongest warranty in our industry, a lifetime guarantee the extrusion will not crack, sag warp.
  • 7 standard popular dulux colours available, Natural white, whisper white, lexicon half, vivid white, hogs bristle ¼, surfmist and snow season.
  • For your peace of mind our fully qualified QBSA Licensed and trade qualified Installers will take care of your plantation shutter installation.

Looking to add a bit of privacy to your deck or balcony, look no further than our diamond series louvre shutters. Proudly manufactured right here in Brisbane, providing local jobs for our local economy.

Features and benefits

  • 100% Australian Produced and manufactured here in Brisbane
  • Available in 150 standard Dulux colours
  • Operable Blade sizes 90mm & 150mm
  • Can be manufactured vertical or horizontal blades
  • Blades are designed and Engineered to minimise noise and movement in high wind areas, whistle vibrations etc.
  • Blade locks available
  • Fixed, hinged, sliding and also Bi-Fold shutters are available
  • Flyscreens Available
  • For your Peace of mind we only use the best QBSA Licensed tradesman who take pride and joy with there workmanship and will happily install your Aluminium shutters with ease.
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Indoor and outdoor shutters can protect your home from the elements and help you reinforce privacy in your space. They’re unique, visually appealing, and are very practical which makes them an ideal home fixture to invest in.

But whether or not you get the most value for your money depends on the type of plantation shutters you decide on and where you purchase them. There are a lot of companies that produce shutters, but not all of them can guarantee quality and the time frames can be up to eight weeks in manufacture.

Aside from finding a company using the right manufacturers, it’s equally important that you do your research on which type of shutters would best fit the area. There are a lot of several different types of shutters available in Brisbane, each one has its unique set of upsides and downsides so doing your research is more of a necessity than an option.

Shutters in Brisbane

At Brisbane Shade, we offer a wide variety of shutters and other coverings designed to provide protection from external elements. Our indoor plantation shutters are extremely stylish and durable and come in the standard Polymer Timber Look or the new High Gloss Aluminium look which is why they are highly sought for Brisbane homes and luxury apartments.

As mentioned we offer standard range of Polymer Shutters which is most of the widely distributed shutters available for homes and commercial spaces in Brisbane. But recently we have been able to source a specific Brisbane manufactured lookalike Aluminium Shutters that are guaranteed to be of the best quality and will last a lifetime.

They are made to outlast the typical polymer shutters and are just as elegant and functional. Our diverse selection of Australian-made coverings is made up of products that are made with various materials and come with different types of controls.

Our Shutters are made in Brisbane

As mentioned earlier, at Brisbane Shade, we offer a new Brisbane innovation — the Internal Plantation Shutters are now also made of high-quality aluminum and finished with a high gloss selection of powder coat they offer functionality and sophistication.

The new Internal Plantation Shutters are proudly Australian-made right here in Brisbane. They are manufactured using highest quality aluminum and are finished to look elegant, be highly durable, and are built to outlast ordinary polymer shutters.

Due to local manufacture in Brisbane, their production time is almost four weeks less than Polymer Shutters. These Internal Plantation Shutters can be manufactured as quickly as four weeks, which is half the time needed to produce other types of shutters which are usually outsourced to China. Local production also means it has created jobs supporting the local economy.

Indoor shutters

Make your indoor areas look elegant while protected from the harsh rays of the sun through our selection of fusion plus plantation shutters. These shutters are specifically engineered to ensure sun protection while promoting proper insulation inside the home.

Our selection of indoor shutters is manufactured with reinforced polymer extrusion so it stays durable and functional even when wet. They are hardwearing and can provide 70% more insulation than timber plantation shutters.

Our indoor shutters can be made in custom shapes to ensure perfect fit on your windows. Apart from the standard white, they come in seven stylish colors: Whisper white, lexicon half, surfmist and snow season, hogs bristle 1/4, and vivid white. They can also be availed with hinged fixed or bi-fold sliding.

We are confident in the shutters we produce. This is why our indoor shutters come with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty. As they are made with the highest standards and the best materials, we can guarantee that they will not crack or warp even after years of use.

Outdoor shutters

If you’re looking to get more privacy to enjoy your outdoor area at home, our selection of outdoor aluminum shutters might be perfect for you. Our diamond series louvre shutters are 100% produced and manufactured in Brisbane.

They are durable and highly customizable to guarantee that they perfectly complement your space. Our outdoor shutters come in 90mm and 150mm blade sizes. They are also available in 150 Dulux colors so you have a wide array of options to choose from.

Our outdoor shutter blades are especially engineered to reduce noise and movement in high wind areas. We can also manufacture them vertical or horizontal styles, depending on your preference. Our outdoor shutters come with blade locks. They can be installed in your outdoor area fixed, hinged, sliding, or bi-fold.

High quality Shutters with an Australian warranty

To ensure that you shutter functions well and are properly installed we will send over our best tradesman Cabin Maker who can ensure that your indoor and outdoor shutters are properly fixed correctly and in a tradesmen like manner..

Our team will make sure that the installation will be done the best way possible, with a strong eye for detail to ensure a quality fit. Getting your shutters is incredibly easy too! First, invite us into your home to get a quote from our team.

Second, once you’ve decided to push through with a purchase, you can get in touch with us through our website or via phone call to place your order. Third, visit our showroom to personally check our wide variety of indoor and outdoor shutters.

Finally, once you’ve selected your shutters, our team will ensure that it is produced to perfectly fit your space. Our licensed cabinetmaker will personally manage the installation to ensure that it is done properly and securely.

Getting the right shutters for your indoor and outdoor space is a matter of your preference and needs for sun protection and privacy being met through a single product. But more than choosing the shutters for your space, it’s also important that you carefully choose where you get your shutters from.

At Brisbane Shades & Sails, we make sure that you get the most value for your money. We will help you determine your needs and make sure that you find the right shutters that can meet them. We’ll also make sure that you get the right shutters that will last for years.

Indoor and outdoor shutters are unique investments that can bring you more comfort in your space. And we’ve made it our mission to help ensure that your investment will count. Through our wide selection of shutters, we will make sure that you’ll be able to enjoy your indoor and outdoor space much better and make staying at home a much more fun and comfortable experience for you.