Outdoor blinds to stop direct sunlight

Outdoor areas at home are the best place to lounge in on lazy afternoons. But when it’s in broad daylight, you probably wouldn’t even want to sit near a window. Brisbane is, without a doubt, a beautiful city. However, the sunny days can be particularly challenging to handle.

There are many ways to get sun protection for any outdoor space. If you’re looking to get sun protection at home, there are so many different blind options available, that you can install to help shield your indoor and outdoor area from sun, wind, and rain.

When it comes to ensuring sun protection for your home, you can install outdoor blinds, awnings, and even large umbrellas. These materials can provide you with shade that will allow you to freely move around your home without having to avoid the sun. But among these materials, outdoor blinds are perhaps the easiest to maneuver and the most elegant-looking option.

Why get outdoor blinds to stop direct sunlight

On especially hot days, there will be times when you’d like total sun protection. But when it’s cloudy or if your area is experiencing mild showers, there will be times when you would want to open up your windows to let the cool air in.

Outdoor blinds are elegant-looking and a non-intrusive shade solution that will allow you to get control over just how much sun gets into your home. Outdoor blinds are effective for blocking sunlight and protecting you from harmful UV rays from all angles, morning and afternoon.

Outdoor blinds come with various customisable features that you can choose from, including a manual or motorised control. Each option is great and will allow you to easily adjust the length of the blinds. This means you can let in as much sunlight as you’d like or totally block it off if needed.

They also come in various sizes and shades which means you can choose a size that will ensure a perfect fit in your outdoor space. You can also select a color that will complement the style of your exterior.

When selecting the colour for your blinds it’s important to consider the level of sunlight you want to let through. A darker coloured blind will make a more dim light where a light coloured blind will allow for a brighter light to shine through.


Awnings for reinforced sun protection

Apart from outdoor blinds, awnings also offer holistic sun protection for residential outdoor space. They provide overhead angled shading that will keep you safe from the sun and even rain. They can be permanently installed during the house’s construction or added during the renovation.

If permanently installed awnings aren’t quite your style, there are retractable awnings that can do just as well. They can be a little more prone to wind damage compared to permanently installed ones. But since they are retractable, they can be easily removed in case of extreme weather.

There are motorised awnings for outdoor spaces that can be programmed to close down the awnings when needed. Like outdoor blinds, awnings are also available in various shades and sizes to ensure that they perfectly blend well with your outdoor area’s design.

Having fittings you can rely on for sun protection will allow you to fully take advantage of your space. You can enjoy a quiet sunny day alone on your veranda, or invite friends over for an outdoor lunch, knowing that you or your guests won’t have to suffer under the scorching heat of the sun.

These fittings are great investments as they are aesthetically pleasing for the home and highly practical. Getting high-quality outdoor blinds and awnings will also ensure that they will last for a very long time, therefore making every penny spent totally worth it. 

The sunny weather on the Northside Brisbane perfectly complements the wetlands and other natural wonders in the area. But spending a few days of vacation in a sunny destination is a different experience to being an actual resident in the place.

If you’re living on the northside of Brisbane, then you’re probably well acquainted about how harsh sunny days can be.  Apart from the seemingly inescapable sun rays, there’s also the heat that you’ll have to fight off and keep out of your home.

Fortunately, there are home fittings such as awnings and outdoor blinds that can help your regulate the temperature of your home. They’re one-time investments that can keep your home a more comfortable place to be in despite the sunny weather.

Benefits of outdoor blinds in Southside Brisbane houses

Depending on the materials used and engineering to ensure proper ventilation, your home can easily absorb hot air in the morning without a proper way to let it out. Glass in windows, for example, can let in 40% of heat. And without proper plans for insulation, it can easily turn your home into a sauna.

The heat inside the home can be absorbed and stay in your walls for days before it is released. Installing outdoor blinds can prevent your home from getting too hot by preventing the heat from entering your home in the first place. Blinds can prevent up to 60% of heat from penetrating your home, keeping it cool and comfy.

Outdoor blinds come in various colors and sizes. They can also be customized to perfectly fit your outdoor to ensure that you get the sun protection you need. Blinds look elegant and extremely useful, making them an ideal home commodity.

Awnings to keep your home cool

Apart from outdoor blinds, installing awnings is another great way to keep the sun’s rays away from your home. It provides overhead protection, and is especially effective when angled against the sun’s direction.

Awnings can reduce up to 85% of heat inside your home, keeping your it cool even on sunny days. You can choose to install permanent awnings, or get retractable ones. Both can deliver considerable sun protection, although the retractable ones may be more prone to wind damage, thus, should be closed down especially when cyclonic winds are in your area.

Which one is the best for your home?

Ultimately, the choice on whether to get awnings or blinds for your home is entirely up to your preference and the type of sun protection you need. If you prefer overhead protection from the sun and don’t mind having air and light entering your home, installing awnings may be more preferable for you.

However, if you want sun protection and don’t want its rays and outdoor air getting into your home, outdoor blinds may be more beneficial. Our line of awnings and outdoor blinds at Brisbane Shades & Sails look sophisticated and are highly durable.

With the right awnings and blinds, you can keep your home cool even on sunny days. They can also complement your home’s design, allowing you to create a positive impression for your guests.  You can also make your home look elegant without breaking the bank.