Outdoor blind ideas when renovating your house on Brisbane’s Bayside

Home renovations are a great opportunity for you to get creative with the aesthetics and functionality of your home. You can add and omit new elements that will make your home look more spacious or narrow. You can also mix and match colours and patterns to make your living area look exactly how you want it to be.

Among the things you can add to your home, outdoor blinds are one of the most versatile, function-wise and design-wise. Installing outdoor blinds is an awesome way to maximize your outdoor space. It’s an effective way to shield and protect the area from the sun and rain, and on top of everything else, they look amazing!

Outdoor Blinds in the Bayside area

If you’re living in Brisbane’s Bayside area, then you know how intense the Brisbane heat can be. While we’re lucky to be surrounded by amazing coastal areas, gardens, and wetlands, home living is still better when we’re shielded from the elements.

Fortunately, there are many varieties of outdoor blinds that you can install to keep the sun and rain out. It’s also a great way to achieve more privacy in your outdoor area when needed. 

Here are a few of the best and most unique outdoor blinds you can choose for your next home renovation:

Cafe Blinds

If you’re looking to enjoy a rainy afternoon or evening outdoors in your home or business, installing cafe blinds is a good option for you. Cafe blinds are made from a clear PVC material which will allow you to enjoy your outdoor view minus the hassle of dealing with the wind and rain. Depending on your preference, cafe blinds can be purchased fully transparent or tinted. 

Straight-Drop-Crank outdoor blinds

Biggest selling Brisbane outdoor blind. If you’re looking to get maximum sun protection while ensuring strength and durability, Straight-Drop-Crank outdoor blinds can give you that. These blinds can cover areas up to 6m wide, and have lock options included standard. You can take things up a notch and get your blinds motorised, making them super easy to get up and down. These blinds will add sophistication and elegance to any property, making it a great addition to your any outdoor space.

Budget Spring outdoor roller blinds

A classy entry level outdoor Blind available in any of our designer fabric ranges. Minimalistic and neat yet incredibly stylish. This is what outdoor roller blinds have to offer in any residential area. It allows you to protect your indoor area from sun, wind, and rain and can be used when you need extra privacy in your home. Outdoor roller blinds come with  two lock options and have stainless steel handles. They are easy to function with a simple pull-down stick.

Brisbane Shades & Sails, supply a wide selection of high-quality outdoor blinds that can provide you with the sun, wind, and rain protection. We aim to provide our blinds at the best price possible to make purchasing blinds more easily affordable.

We have an experienced team to ensure that your blinds are fitted with the highest standard to ensure longevity and safety. With proper use and regular cleaning, your outdoor blinds can last for a very long time, allowing you and your loved ones to better enjoy the outdoors!